Spectro is Authorized Distributor of Amar Equipments

Amar Equipments are leaders in designing, manufacturing and export of High Pressure-Temperature Stirred / Non Stirred Chemical Reactors, Autoclaves, Glass Autoclaves, Shaker Hydrogenators, Magnetic Drive Couplings, Vertical & Horizontal Pressure Leaf Filters, Sparkler Horizontal Plate Filters, Lab Heating and Cooling Baths since 1974.

Amar Equipment undertake designing and development of pressure vessels/reactors for High pressure application up to 350 Bar (5000 psi) and temperatures up to 500°C in any material of construction like SS-316/316L, HastelloyB/C, Monel, Inconel, Nickel, Titanium, Tantalum, Zirconium etc. for any application for any laboratory to pilot plant scale sizes i.e. from 50ml-1000litres.

SLE is the authorized distributor of Amar Equipments in Northern India.We deal in their complete range of products.

1) High Pressure Stirred Lab Autoclaves
2) Gas Induction Reactors / Hydrogenation Pilot Plants
3) Multiple Stirred Autoclave System
4) High through-put Catalyst screening system
5) Interchangeable Metal Autoclaves
6) Bottom Stirred Compact Autoclaves / Reactors
7) CSTR & Fixed Bed Reactors
8) Glass Body Autoclaves
9) Interchangeable Glass & Metal Autoclaves
10) Rocker / Shaker Hydrogenators
11) Non Stirred Pressure Vessels
12) Magnetic Drive Couplings / Magnetically Coupled Lab. Stirrer
13) Heating & Cooling Baths with Circulator
14) Sparkler Filters
15) Pressure Leaf Filters
16) Continuous Flow Microreactors