Spectro Lab Equipments Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading ventures of SPECTRO group of companies. It is prompted by a team of committed professionals who have years of experience and have not lost any opportunity to prove their ingeniousness. SLE is a part of Spectro Group of Companies and it is one of the prominent manufactures of Environmental and Coal Laboratory Equipments and also deals with their sale and service setups. It also provides support in the field of Testing equipments and instruments.

The parent company Spectro Analytical Labs Ltd. was established in 1995 while Spectro Lab Equipments Pvt. Ltd. established in 2007.

SLE manufactures and supplies equipment and also provides maintenance services of various types of equipments such as Analytical, Textile, Civil, NDT, Mechanical, Electronics, Electrical, Pharmaceutical, Coal, Polymer, Environment Monitoring Equipments, etc.

SLE is managed by a team of Professionals and Directors having vast experience in marketing, institutional sales, application and maintenance support. Besides, SLE employees a team of qualified young engineers who are well educated and experienced in various disciplines and carry relevant industry experience with them. The team size is growing every year, in synchronization with the steady pace of growth of the company.